Synative Heads Back To Europe For White Nights Berlin

It was less than a month back from London that the team headed off again to meet up with developers from all over Europe to see what is happening with developers in Central and Eastern Europe. What we heard and saw did put a big smile on our face.

Many people we spoke to at the conference were very aware of playable ads. This has been great news for us as we know many of the newest trends are starting in Europe. Many were already researching or had tried to create their own playable ads, but found so many hurdles in finding how to do on their own. Sharing the Synative Playable Studio with these developers had a lot of them interested in contacting us after the show to see what we can do to help them make playable faster and more efficiently.

While talking to them, we also mentioned our “Try Now” button for the Google Play Store. Many were shocked to see that they could get in on a very new and beneficial product that many already were asking us for more information, case studies, and more. We shared a few and they excitedly told us they’d talk to their team about this.

Overall, the event was better than I could have imagined. The location was right by the Berlin Zoo as well as a short walk from our hotel. Lot of the talks that were there were only 30 minutes, allowing you to really pick and choose what you wanted to see and also get to meetings and view the expo floor.

The most interesting thing we saw coming from this event was everyone's excitement for building great games. Also meeting a lot of new and old friends that were able to share some insight on what they are doing and the business around mobile games. We also want to thank Terminal3 and Unreal for their great parties during the event.

We also loved Germany as it was the teams first time in the city. We took a day before the even to check out the wonderful things in the city, but especially finding the gifts for all the great people working at Synative. We are continuing to improve our product as well as bringing you the best in customer service and support.

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