Create Your Facebook Playable Ads In Under An Hour With Synative

If you want to create your own playable ad for Facebook in just a few minutes, we’re happy to announce integration with Facebook’s playable ad placement program. Now you can choose to place your playabes into people’s feeds through the Synative’s Playable Studio. Just choose the Facebook option from our list of certified ad networks.

Earlier this year, we were happily surprised to hear that Facebook is allowing playable ads into people’s own newsfeed. This will allow people a better opportunity to see and play some of the best games out there without having to download the game first. Having gamers play the game first before they download gives them less pressure trying to understand the game and getting the best players you want hooked before they even download.

And the numbers don’t lie. With some developers like Bagelcode already seeing 3.2x ROI on their ads for Android Games and 1.4x for iOS, it’s already showing a lot of promise for advertisers as well as developers. With ad spending prices continuing to grow and gamers tired of video and static ads in their news feed, a new generation of advertisements could be the solution to your needs.

Many companies are already building their playable ads for Facebook. But with the traditional ways of building one, it might be tough for a developer or marketer to get it done right and right now. We at Synative understand your issues and created the perfect DIY playable ad creator for you.


With the Synative Playable Studio, we’re already creating ads in minutes and multiple versions as quickly as we can. Our engineers have been working tirelessly and have also included Facebook integration with the Playable Studio. Games like Simulations, Casino, and Match-3 are already being tested by us and we’ve already seen CTRs quadruple with some games when used in Facebook compared to the video ads on the site.

We’re already finding great success with our own testing, but we think you could do much better. Many users of the Synative Playable Studio are already asking us how we were able to create a playable ad and place it inside Facebook so quickly. So we wanted to share with you the steps you need to follow to make your Synative playable ad ready for Facebook’s newsfeed.

How To Promote Your Synative Playable Ad On The Facebook Newsfeed


1. Video introduction for the demo.

2. A Synative Playable Ad:

• Must be in Portrait mode (Facebook will not accept Landscape playables currently)

• HTML format (Choose Facebook option in Playable Studio)

• Must be under 2 MB

• The outgoing actions in your playable ad must be a link.

You cannot have any javascript or other code execute when a user exits your playable ad. Facebook will lock you out of your account or deny your ad if you do not follow this step.

Step 1: In the “Placement” section, click “Edit Placements” and choose the “Feeds” platform. Do not use other platforms


Step 2: Scroll down and in the “Creative” section, choose “Ad with an image or video” and check “Add a Playable Asset” in the “Fullscreen Experience” section.


Step 3: Press the Upload Playable button to open the “Playable Upload” window. Add your asset and test it.


Step 4: Make sure to click on your CTA link or another link that will exit you from the playable ad. Then click "Done".


Step 5: Upload your introduction video, making sure it follows Facebook specifications, and click publish.


August 30th, 2018