Gobble, Gobble everyone! The holiday season is in full gear and we have a cornucopia of great news to share with you this week.

We are excited to be adding a few tutorials on how to add your playable ads to a few of the ad networks you’re working with. You probably saw our previous one on installing the ad for Facebook, but we’re adding a bunch more in the next few weeks, so keep coming to the blog in the future for more info.

Second is that we have a few significant updates for the Synative Playable Studio that will help you quickly build your ads.


Two new upper bar options have been unlocked and are now usable. Let me explain each part. The first section helps you…

• Button – Buttons will allow you to add our own custom-made buttons into your playable so you don’t have to. Choose from a variety of colors, styles, and more.


• Hints – Sometimes you might need to point out where you want your player to go. Add one of the custom fingers to your game with a few animated gifs to give more action in your playable.


• Arrow – If fingers aren’t your thing, arrows might be better. Choose from any of the arrows available including a few animated ones as well.


Buttons, Hints, and Arrows can be edited for size and rotated to fit your needs. Just use the properties section on the right side.

The second section describes…

• Rectangle – Create your own simple buttons, comment box or other things using our built-in rectangle creator. Add a hint of shadow to make it pop out on the screen using the properties area.

• Text – Add your own Text. Accepts many languages and even emoticons! Edit the font from the properties area.

• Line – Make a line. If you used Microsoft Paint, you know what to do.


Another big feature is about how you can preview your ad. There are two new ways! One is that you’re able to use shortlinks now to send out your playable preview to others in your team that doesn’t have access to the Synative Playable Studio. Let them see what you’re building and test it out before exporting it.


The other prominent feature is something I’ve already hidden in the image above. We’re only sharing this with those who are part of our Synative Newsletter.

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November 29th, 2018