Synative Headed to London for Casual Connect Europe

Synative flew out to London last week to visit old friends and create new partnerships in Europe. Casual Connect is one of (if not, the biggest) mobile game conferences we made plans to attend this year. Many of the most prominent developers from King to Spil Games to Flaregames were in attendance as well as many great indie game developers showing off their best games for a chance to win the indie prizes on the last day of the event.

The event was held at the Queen Elizabeth II Exhibition Hall, right next to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, sadly still under construction. The expo floor had a lot of great companies like Unity, Facebook, Vungle, and Square Enix.

Lots of big news was also being shared at the event. VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi was there sharing news of Gram Games being purchased from Zynga for $250 million and lectures from thoses in the business. (Check these videos out on Casual Connect’s YouTube channel.) One of my favorites was from Day 2 by Jake Birkett, Owner of Grey Alien Games, who added both brutal honesty and humor about the real cost of building indie games to a crowd of developers.

One of the most fun things that I was able to do at the event shared the work we are doing at Synative with playable video advertisements and instant gaming to the larger development companies. Many were there speaking about new and exciting trends.

One trend, instant games and hyper-casual gaming, were talked about a lot at the event, which is perfect for our instant gaming service. Many developers were surprised and interested in this new technology and the results that came from using it in their user acquisition numbers coming out of it. One developer we showed got excited about our Playable Studio capabilities and that he could quickly get his game into a playable video in so little time and with so little effort. I think he won’t be the only one as we already are inviting developers into our beta from our last event and already excited at seeing their results.

June 11th, 2018 - 03:00pm