Pocket Gamer is proud to announce their finalists for the Mobile Games Awards for 2018 and Synative was on the list for the “Best Tools Provider”. We’re extremely honored and excited to be on the shortlist of all the other great tools out there for game developers.

Finding ways to get your game recognized has always been a bottleneck for success among many indie and mid-level developers looking to not only gain publicity among a sea of options but also let people get more eyes and fingers playing their game. Having the tools to allow anyone to make their dream a reality from their own offices and at a fraction of time and money it takes with other companies has been something we’ve strived to do.

Being a company that allows developers the tools to create their own incredible mobile playable advertisements that are compatible with Facebook, Google Play Store, and the most popular ad networks in the world, has given us a chance to give back to an industry we love and we are happy to hear this type of praise from the gaming community in return.

We wish all of the other nominees good luck as the final award voting tally has already been completed and hope to see everyone that was nominated at the award show on January 22, 2019. We’ll be there for the event as well as Pocketgamer Connect London on January 21 - 22. Come by our booth to say hello and get a free smile or two from our staff.

If you’d like to see the full list of winners, please visit

December 5th, 2018