If you want to create MRAID compliant playable ads that work on Facebook and more, find out how with Synative.

Mobile advertising has really become a whole lot more complicated than it was 10 years ago. With Android and iOS creating waves in the industry by ousting Java J2ME and other smaller mobile phone operating systems. What now started as just a mobile phone with an address book, notes, and a simple game to pass the time with, has now become a computer that fits inside your pocket.

With that in mind, more and more people are using their phones for what was done on your computer. That means more and more digital marketers are pushing more ads towards the mobile market. For many people, they might think that the ads they receive on their phone might be just from a simple picture or video uploaded to a server and placed in an inventory of ads through an ad network. But the nuts and bolts of ad creation for a mobile ad are more complicated than anyone expected.

When we talk about the new trend in playable ads, we have to look at what technology is needed to build these ads so they work on every phone, every time. To do this, many advertisers and ad creators, including Synative, use a framework that is now a standard among advertisers all over the world, MRAID.

What is MRAID

MRAID is an API standard that allows rich media ads to interface with phones that are compliant with both phones that can handle HTML5 and JavaScript. MRAID (aka Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions) works hand in hand with the native code within Android and iOS so that it can understand how to set up the ad and display it with no issues. This includes images, videos, and playable advertisements.

Currently, MRAID is the most popular usage for display ads with companies like Google and Twitter use MRAID compared to another ad interface.

Why Does Synative Love MRAID?

Why not? Having a standard allows companies like us a way to produce ads for different ad networks quickly. One of the main goals for the Synative Playable Studio from day one was for it to be compatible with many different ad networks, so developers only need to worry about making awesome playables, instead of the technical issues. MRAID gives us the ability to do that and allow your playable ads to be available in every ad networks day by day.

By allowing for compatibility, we can now be more flexible in the way we export our ads to the many different ad networks all around the world without the digital marketing person or team needs to worry about the added coding needed to build playable ads. As the great salesman, Ron Popeil said, “Set it, and forget it.”

Though we aren’t cooking any 5 lbs turkeys, the idea of ease of use is what we wanted and are happy to have with our Synative Playable Studio and Instant Play. Our technology was made for HTML5 and with MRAID using it heavily, it wasn’t long before we were able to go from a prototype to the release of our two main products. With all the news about how we are compatible with Facebook ads, you’d forget that we work with most of the top ad networks in the mobile gaming world.

What Ad Networks Are Compatible With Synative

Currently, with the Synative Playable Studio, we already are compliant with these companies.


But don’t think we won’t have more in the future. We’re always looking at helping our customers with other ad networks that aren’t on this list. Contact one of our BD team members to find out how we can help.

We will be working with these companies with the Synative Playable Studi as well for the release of the Instant Play technologies, but as of the time of this article, we’re still hush-hush about what we’ll be doing and who with. But we promise to always keep you up to date and going beyond your expectations.

Anything Else I Need To Know About MRAID?

Just know we got a great group of engineers working on making sure the advertiser’s playable creatives are working perfectly, and the consumers are going to get an awesome experience that beats out all other creatives out there today.

If you aren’t part of this or tried the Synative Playable Studio, try out our 7-day no-risk trial or get your own playable created for you for just $499, Just click on the trial button up top and get your trial started now.

November 27th, 2018