Synative Sells Playables by the Seattle Seashore

With the end of the Expo season closing out, Synative headed out to the Pacific Northwest as the company officially presented the Synative Playable Studio for the first time in America.

It’s been a long time coming, but after months of work, Synative was able to show off the many different ways to create impressive and fun playable ads and allowed developers the chance to try first hand the best solution for playable ads at the Gamesforum Seattle conference last week.

For the team, it was an exciting chance to actually share with developers the deep impact playable ads will have in the mobile space in the coming years and with the help of the Synative Playable Studio, they can be a part of the future of mobile ads.

Having one of the best spots on the expo floor, local and visiting developers were able to encounter one of the best things about our service, creating and exporting their playable ads onto Facebook in minutes, compared to the hours or days it can take with other companies.

For those who attended the expo, there was a barrage of great stuff coming from the Synative team including free gifts, free demos, and free smiles from the beginning to the end of the conference. The team did a tremendous job in making sure everyone knew what was we were all about at our booth, at the conference talks, and at the after-party.


During the show’s introduction, our own marketing manager, Luke Stapley, was asked to moderate a panel discussion about the changes happening in the market and the inner thinking of the big brands like NC Soft, Scopely, and Jam City. Not to be outdone, our co-founder, Cynthia Du added to the coverage with her own outlook on the new trend of Facebook Messenger games and how Synative is taking advantage of the work being done in HTML5.


In the end, the team met a lot of wonderful companies and we’re even more invigorated to create the best tools that developers will need to create playable ads. If you had a chance to meet with us, we’re very thankful for the chance to meet with you and hope to have you be a part of the Synative family.

So what’s next?


See you there!

If there’s something you wanted us to improve on, just contact your customer service officer and share it with us. We’re open to what you want and like a zombie, we won’t stop working ‘til we’ve picked your brain a bit (we promise not to eat them though.)

November 13th, 2018