Synative Travels Asia in Search of Developers

There are only a few more months left, and that means only a few more conferences left. November seemed to be our busiest time as the team headed off to not one conference, but two conferences in the same week.

Lucky for our team, both conferences were in the same continent as Casual Connect Asia landed in Shenzhen, China, November 12 - 14 and G-Star was held in Busan, South Korea, November 15 - 17. With a tired team, we wanted to give you an update on what happened at both events.

Casual Connect Asia


Flying down from the cold morning air of Beijing and into the warm breezes of Shenzhen really got the team energized for one of the biggest events for mobile gaming in Asia. Casual Connect Asia was held in one of the most interesting egg-like venue in Shenzhen and included a few newsgroups covering the excitement. Having Synative be a part of the event was an awesome experience and sharing our platform with the visitors made the event even more special.


Our marketing manager, Luke Stapley, played double duty as both an MC for the event as well as a moderator for a talk on developers looking to escape the Asian market and the strategies they should take. As the MC, Luke also introduced a lot of great people from companies such as Glu Mobile, Google, and Lab Cave Games.


With so many companies to meet up, it seemed like every day was a whirlwind of discussion during the day, and even more discussion during the night as our team chatted with developers from all over the world.

As the third day ended, our team were already packed and bound for their next event in Busan, South Korea

G-Star 2018


The whole team fell in love with Korea and our first G-Star. This was an opportunity for us to delve deeper into both the Korean and Japanese market as Synative shared our Synative Playable Studio to everyone we could find. But that didn’t, of course, stop us from having a bit of fun at the event.


Synative met with a lot of great companies including introducing ourselves to companies from Korea, Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam and sharing the new great updates to our Synative Playable Studio to our current clients.

With so much positive interest in playable ads and the needs for fast and cost-effective ways to make incredible playables, it wasn’t long for us to find a lot of new friends and enjoy the beaches of Busan at the end of the final day.

If you haven’t met one of our team members at G-Star or at Casual Connect Asia, you can always talk with them or even start your own 7-day free trial by signing up at our website. Contact us at

November 23th, 2018