What a show! Synative @ Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2018

Before I begin, we want to thank everyone who came to Pocketgamer Connects San Francisco and came up to our booth and spoke with us.

Now that the show has ended, we want to bring you back to the beginning.

Pocket Gamer Connects American show was held this week in San Francisco with many new companies coming to share new opportunities in blockchain technology, development, and user acquisition. The show had many of the top names like Zynga, King, and Capcom in attendance along with some smaller indie developers, looking to surprise attendees with some of their interesting and fun new gameplay and graphics.

However, what surprised many of us were the number of developers interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Many of the larger booths and a whole Tuesday scheduled block of talks were focused on the blockchain including ways to use it.

Some examples that caught my eye were the use of blockchain for trading in-game purchases with WAX.io (developed by the founders of Opskins) using many of today's biggest cryptocurrency.

Some awesome games we liked that were shown off from both the independent game companies as well as a few students who were participating in the event. One AR game we enjoyed was a room escape game that had you moving your whole body to discover how to escape your virtual room. Another great indie game was Gravity Dash. It took many of the fun ideas in many of today’s popular games and put them into an exciting mobile game.

Synative had our own booth at the show and was very happy to be showing off our products to the hundreds of people that passed by our booth. With demos shown, pamphlets about our company and tons of swag to give out, we had great conversations with those in attendance, especially with those independent developers.

Cynthia was also asked to give a talk at the conference Monday morning to a full crowd about how our technology helps developers gain a voice in a crowded space of gaming choice. Her speech also shared how improving a games shareability with our Instant Share technology can also assist in making any game viral-ness possibilities grow exponentially.

Its Synative’s goal to help many of the independent and medium-size developers a better chance of gaining the popularity that so many other more prominent game industry people have.

Independent developers are important in the ecosystem of game development with their innovative, avant-garde creations that push what games should be as we’ve seen in countless retail games that started off small and became either part of a series (Portal 2) or their own IP (Shovel Knight). I really want to help them out with what Synative has and we hope to be a bigger part of the community.

Our purpose was to focus on these smaller companies as well as others interested to help us improve our product as we enter our newest stage of development… Beta!

We’re ready to share more and have some of you become part of our official Beta starting later this month. If you didn’t get a chance to met with us or want to be a part of the beta, please contact us at bd@synative.cn, and we’ll get in touch with you.

May 22th, 2018 - 03:00pm