What’s new for the Synative Playable Studio – October 2018

We’ve been working hard to continue to improve our Synative Playable Studio as the holiday seasons start to kick in around the world. There is a lot of backend work that is being done for the studio to improve stability and features that our current customer has been asking for. We are working as fast as we can to make the experience ghoulishly delightful for everyone.

There are too many features added this month that it’s getting downright spooky. Here are three I thought I’d treat you:

Synative Icon Gallery

We’ve seen a lot of developers creating their own animations to help the user tap or swipe on the right area of the canvas. But for those who don't have the time or skill to build their own, we decided to help by creating our own library of fingers, pointers, and other icons that can be added into the ad. These are free to use, so try them out!

Improved Preview

Some of you told us waiting for a preview was worse than getting toothbrushes in your trick or treat bag. So our team went ahead and improved the preview button this month by speeding up the creation time to 3x what it was last month. Now you can quickly check your creatives with very little wait time. The Synative Playable Studio also now allows all previews to happen inside the same window as the editor instead of a new window appearing.

Facebook Improvements

We have been working like a banshee to give you this wonderful treat. We now can allow landscape projects to automatically flip to portrait when exporting to Facebook. We’ve also made it a lot easier to export your projects directly from the Synative Playable Studio including allowing you to export a project in High, Medium, or Low quality so you can hit that 2 MB file limit that Facebook has.

If there’s something you wanted us to improve on, just contact your customer service officer and share it with us. We’re open to what you want and like a zombie, we won’t stop working ‘til we’ve picked your brain a bit (we promise not to eat them though.)

October 15th, 2018